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Our goal from the onset was to create a digital venue that celebrates an intriguing blend of American inspired brands, products, and popular culture observations , while paying homage to New York's famed Brill Building.

Allow us to elaborate. Musically speaking, before there was a British Invasion, the Brill Building, 1619 Broadway, NYC, was the centerpiece for what was considered the American music scene. In short, the Brill Brothers owned the eleven story Deco building above their street level clothing store. The 170,000 square foot space was originally intended for the financial community, primarily bankers and brokers. However, early on, the deepening Depression forced the brothers to lease the space, at reduced rates, to book and music publishers.

Over time, word spread throughout the creative community and the building earned a reputation for attracting writers, producers, musicians, artists, and publishers. By the 1960's the building was floating on a cloud of creative energy and home for 120 independent music businesses, an early model for vertical integration. From floor to floor, songs were written, arranged, produced, recorded, and promoted to AM radio stations. Dozens of now famous, eclectic writers and players crafted their skills and delivered the music of a generation.

Writers such as Carole King, Bob Dylan, Burt Bacharach, and Neil ( took the train in after school) Sedaka created legendary top forty hits. The team of Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller cranked out " Hound Dog" and " Jailhouse Rock" for Elvis, and the list goes on.

The American Project is inspired by the Brill Building's legacy. While some believe it was the essence of the building, we tend to believe it was the body of assembled talent that considered this venue their home. So that's our mission, to attract, nourish, feed, water, and showcase talented people, and share the unique nuances of the American story.

Enjoy a good read.

- Michael Allen 

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