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Ceravelo Ascots

The ascot is making a comeback. This suave accoutrement states an almost archaic formality admixed with casual. The wearer – glibly above the fray, and nonchalantly engaged in an event. Devoid of the beet faced ligature present in traditional neckties, the ascot sports a dressy masculine plumage from beneath the unbuttoned collar, and says “Hey, I’m here, and I am having a pretty good time of it. Relax there, uncomfortable tie guy at the table across from me at the wedding.” Perhaps part of a larger 19th century nostalgia trend, the ascot isn’t as obvious and garish as the waxed moustaches, high boy bicycles, and gentlemanly tropes present in steam punk and hipster subcultures.

San Fransisco based boutique Ceravelo has been putting the ascot back into the modern parlance since 2011. The ascots, fashioned from vintage and reused materials, are available in various colors and patterns to suit tastes. You might be a paisley guy. Or maybe a simple stripe pattern. Whatever the choice, the ascot is the intersection of high fashion and a level of cool not had by traditional neckties.

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