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Craftsman Hand Tools 

These chromed puppies are still made stateside, and carry a sort of benchmark in the realm of “lifetime warranty”. Take any hand tool: a wrench, a screwdriver. Maybe some pliers. Use them. Heck, even abuse them. They’re good for life. And not just your life.

Maybe you inherited them from dad. Or grandpa. Or maybe the tools cascaded down through the obscure flume of antiquity from a distant ancestor. They might have been bought 3rd hand twice removed at a flea market out of some guy’s trunk. They may be etched and caked with grime from untold use on long extinct automobiles, whose parts have been melted down and made into new Craftsman hand tools. No matter. That tool is guaranteed for life. Break a tool, and take it directly to any Sears (yes, they still exist), and a replacement will be proffered.

Obviously, Craftsman remains well made. Somehow the longevity of these tools flouts conventions of the typical lifetime warranty. Perhaps, it should read: “Multiple Lifetimes”. Or: “Guaranteed for the life of a family tree”. Or maybe even: “Whosoever haveth this tool at such time it doth break shall be entitled to a new one”. Like many well made things, Craftsman hand tools just seem to last.

Reader Comments (1)

craftsman tools are all made in china now, and the quality is embarrassing.

December 18, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterrick

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