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Cyber Monday

On the heels of serpentine lines corralling frenzied mobs outside of gratuitous box stores on Black Friday, and dutiful strolling of central business districts full of mom and pop operations of Small Business Saturday, the work week returns with surreptitious purchases between office tasks on Cyber Monday. Smart phones have boosted office time shopping, with browsing and purchasing circumventing traditional computer IT channels. No longer can an employee’s cyber use on company time be necessarily observed in a comprehensive Big Brother way. Well, at least for now.

This year’s Cyber Monday revenue is expected to easily top $1.2 billion in sales, with an average increase of 13.2% per year over the last five years. Those numbers aren’t to be scoffed at – they represent a real earning potential for online positioned businesses that could significantly push a year end bottom line.

Criticisms of online shopping point to a lack of interaction had by traditional sales – from sales people to the product in question – the online premise is inherently alienated from those familiar means of purchase. Customers sometimes sheepishly visit brick and mortar retail stores, and inspect a product physically before making an online purchase. The really brash make an online purchase right then and there. Commission based salesmen beware. With deals and incentives devoid of overhead costs had by traditional retail, Cyber Monday isn’t a fad, or a blip, and continues to reinvent the Christmas shopping experience.

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