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Pipeline Brickell, Miami 

This shared office space is on the cutting edge of workspace solutions. The concept is simple: various levels of rental, from private suites, to dedicated desks, to virtual offices, all offering 24 hour access to the amenities of a well heeled corporate office at a fraction of the cost, and, perhaps most profoundly, fostering a community of young entrepreneurs and like minded up and comers of the “creative class”.

That communal essence of Pipeline Brickell is the main selling point. Why shed hundreds, or even thousands for office space rental, sequestered perhaps into some obscure corner of town, when a new business can be incubated in a vibrant, youthful environment. That same premise was the main thrust of New York’s famed Brill Building, where recording studios and artists mingled and cross pollinated, producing some of the musical masterpieces of the 20th century. Born out of financial necessity, the cohabitation and commingling of these various interests proved to be a benefit beyond a mere sum of their constituent parts.

Miami’s Pipeline Brickell represents a resurgent trend in American creativity, with various other shared office spaces popping up across the nation, and the collaborative, even collective nature of entrepreneurialism becoming a driving force in the new economy. There’s something appealing about being around driven, interesting minds, and burgeoning businesses organically evolving amid conversation, and the sharing of skills and ideas.

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