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Rickshaw Bagworks

The messenger bag has, in many ways, become the lynchpin of small, upstart, domestic manufacturing here in the states. The demand is there, with the utility needs of carry and transport intersecting with the DIY mindset of the young city dwelling professional whose trappings include ever shrinking rectangular tablet and smart phone devices, and who actively seek out homespun reinventions of American manufacture. With a range of sleek urban bags, the Rickshaw Bagworks Company is carving a niche for itself in San Francisco.

Rickshaw is formed around the notion that people love bags as pragmatic devices of use value, and, by way of natural extension, fashionable accents. The name of the company, Rickshaw, is an obvious reference to the human drawn bicycle carts, and speaks to the core ethos of the bag maker. There is something simple, timeless, and perhaps even poetic about the singularity and efficiency of a bicycle. And a rickshaw – well hey – that even pulls the weight of others.

Rickshaw carries a line of messenger bags, laptop bags, totes, sleeves of various dimensions and ilk, backpacks, and folios (even a folio for the still ubiquitous and somewhat timeless Moleskine journal). There’s also a bag designed for the handlebars of a bike for added storage space in transit. For urban transit, daily commutes, cross town errand running, by way of taxi, subway, bus or foot, Rickshaw bags offers an array of carrying options.

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